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Apex International (Immigration & Educational Solutions) has developed a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern the actions of Education Services in their relationships with students and families, schools and colleges, and with colleagues. These include a responsibility to understand each student's special strengths, values and needs, while striving to include all family members in the educational planning process.

Apex International (Immigration & Educational Solutions) is operating in all major cities in India, where quality education is the main objective of all the organizations. We assure you to give the best of our services and advice to make your child's future fruitful. For further details mail us on:info@apexedu.in

The main desire of Apex International. is to find the right country/right University or right College for the right candidate for the desired course by the way of effective Counseling and making the admission process smooth and easier by clearing all the hurdles.

It has always been a dilemma for a parent when his/her child has completed Pre-University course and is now set to take up a course that would ultimately decide his/her future. Every parent intends to place their child into the good course that would offer a brighter career and are constantly on the look out for the best College/ Universities in order help them to make a successful in the future in this competitive world today. Apex International Education Services was founded with the very same intention to help the confused parents and assuring them that their child's future is in safe hands.

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