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Apex International (Immigration & Educational Solutions)

Company Profile

Apex International
(Immigration & Educational Solutions)

Apex International (Immigration & Educational Solutions), established by group of professionals with view to provide, quality services in the field of education, Mr D. Ramesh Kumar, Managing Partner, has extensive experience since 25 years in educational.

Apex International (Immigration & Educational Solutions) has excellent record in helping students in getting admission in medical and other technical curriculum in India and aboard. Apex International extended assistance to many students get into universities world wide. Apex International goal is to make available universities imparting quality education. Apex International got the expertise to target, identify and fulfill the requirements of its clientele.

Apex International Group is an approved educational Services for a number of top colleges of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Mahrashtra and overseas universities from Europe, China and USA, etc. Apex International has excellent affiliation with various Medical colleges/universities in the above said centres. Successfully Apex International enrolled students in the above-mentioned places. To ensure high quality services to our patrons, Apex International selected associates in the major cities of India.

Our specialized services

Pre Admission services

  • University choices as per the student requirements
  • Admission guidance
  • Application support
  • Insurance support
  • Travel support
  • Documentation and visa assistances
  • Appostalization and translation support

Post Admission support

  • Accommodation assistance
  • Pre departure orientation
  • Detailed mentoring
  • Pick up assistance
  • Other value added services

Focused educators

  • Top ranked exclusive universities
  • QS world ranked universities
  • Technical universities
  • Business schools
  • Medicine
  • Art institutes

Benefits of studying in Europe

  • International recognition
  • Subsidized tuition fees
  • Fee waivers
  • IELTS waivers
  • World class infrastructure and labs
  • Erasmus and scholarship options
  • Schengen visa with multiple entry for different countries
  • Stay back options
  • Opportunity to learn international languages
  • English medium of instructions
  • Internship options

Quality of services

  • 24/7 service support
  • In house interview training and mock sessions
  • Efficient visa processing
  • High rates of visa success
  • Essential language trainings
  • Easy refund procedures
  • Stringent student qualification and scrutiny
  • Advanced ERP system
  • Show money assistance

Agent Investments

  • Registered Agency
  • Office space with counselors
  • Internet access
  • ESC agent contract
  • Program trainings
  • Appostalization of documents, courier charges and miscellaneous

Agent Benefits

  • Agent recognition and reputation
  • Better conversion rates
  • Easy to sell education programs
  • Customizable options


Through Apex International we are looking forward to have long term international relations with agents across the globe. For the same we here? by pledge to serve and satisfy our partners to the best of our capacity.

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+91 - 9160571911

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