Pre Clinical 5 sem

Doctor Of Medicine Programme Description:

Doctor of Medicine program is derived mainly from the American Medical Education System.The program is structured in two phases ? Phase I Basic Medical Science and Phase II Clinical Clerkship.

At BE Group, a solid science foundation is essential for the Basic Medical Sciences. Students are required to complete about 137 credit hours of course work in five (5) semesters of 16 weeks.

In the Clinical Clerkship program, there is an emphasis on preparing students for practice in hospital and ambulatory settings. BE Group has developed innovative ways to teach medical students the clinical skills they will need to function as a physician. The core clinical clerkship includes 44 weeks of family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery and psychiatry, with 28-week electives in various departments in hospital settings.

The Basic Medical Science courses are presented in lecture format and power point presentations, combined with laboratory exposure to allow for visual reinforcement and development of analytical skills.

BE Group requires students to pass the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Exam before proceeding with the Clinical Clerkship. The strong preparation provided by the Basic Medical Science supports the student in achieving this important transition.

Following is an outline of courses offered as part of the Basic Sciences Program. Course Number and TitleCredit Hours
Gross Anatomy & Embryology10
Histology & Cell Biology07
Biochemistry & Genetics10
Medical Physiology10
Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine04
Behavioral Science06
Medical & Legal Ethics04
Microbiology & Immunology10
Pathology I10
Pathology II10
Physical Diagnosis08
Introduction To Clinical Medicine16
Board Review10
Total Number of Credit Hours137