Pre Med 4 sem

Program Description:

The Pre-med program is designed for students who have completed secondary school in the science stream and who require the relevant pre-requisites in science, mathematics and general education courses to gain entry into the Doctor of Medicine respectively. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be prepared to meet the entrance requirements of their chosen health care fields

Anatomy and Physiology I4
Introduction to Psychology 3
Inorganic Chemistry4
English I - Composition and Rhetoric3
Math I - College Algebra3
Health Informatics4
Physics I3
Medical Terminology2
Inorganic Chemistry4
Anatomy and Physiology II4
Introduction to Sociology3
Public Speaking 2
English II - Composition and Rhetoric3
Legal Ethics2
Math II - Probability and Statistics3
Physics II3
Organic Chemistry6
  • 105 Research
  • 106 Community Health Projects
  • 107 Nursing Skills
  • 108 External Certification Based Program: BLS, ALS and CPR

* Students must have 90 credits in order for them to enrol MD program

Introduction to Anatomy5
Introduction to Physiology5
Introduction to Microbiology and Immunology6
Introduction to Cell Biology and Histology6
Calculus and Trigonometry4
Introduction to Embryology4
Physical Assessment2
Research Methods for Public Health3