MBBS in Germany

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MBBS in Germany – Everything You Need to Know

Last Date to Apply for MBBS in Germany

15th August

Basic Eligibility for MBBS in Germany

10+2 (Science) with 60% & NEET

MBBS in Germany Minimum Course Fee

No Tuition Fees

English Proficiency for Germany MBBS


Minimum Living Cost in Germany

30-40 Thousand/Month

Medium of Medical Education in Germany


MBBS Duration in Germany

6 Years

Why Should an Indian Student Apply Medicine in Germany?
Indian students prefer to choose Germany as their destination to study MBBS. Since the tuition fee for MBBS / MD in Germany is very low if compared to other countries. Universities in German provides world class education and is even listed as one of the best in medical system. Around 37 universities provide MBBS course in Germany. The duration of the course is 6 years which includes internship period also.
A student has to overcome three stages to become a certified doctor.
First stage, it is for one year and students are taught clinical studies.
Second stage, it is for two years followed by exam.
Third stage, it includes 48 weeks of practical, oral and written exam of clinical studies.
Tuition Fees of the Top MBBS Universities in Germany

Name of University

Tuition Fee (INR)/ Year.  

Magdeburg University

No Tuition Fees

Mϋnster University

No Tuition Fees

Heidelberg University

No Tuition Fees

Application Process
It's made easy for you to understand the application procedure of studying MBBS from Germany since we have mentioned the process step by step below.
Fill the enrolment form online.
Submit the copies of mark-sheets, passport and procured documents.
Receive the invitation letter from University.
After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure will begin.
Once you receive the invitation letter from the University please visit the German Embassy in Delhi


Application Deadline
Students are advised to apply by second week of July due to the competition to get MBBS admission in Germany. There are around 37 universities and approximately 80,000 seats in total. Every year 10,000 students enrol in MBBS course.
Documents Required
These are the necessary documents needed for the visa to Study MBBS in Germany:
A legitimate travel report/identification (At minimum 3 months up to its lapse date)
A Documentation to demonstrate your plan to stay in Europe: You may exhibit the accompanying as a proof of methods for subsistence: trade out convertible money, explorer checks, check books for a remote cash account, charge cards or whatever other implies that ensures subsidizes in hard cash.
Confirmation with respect to your convenience: This isn't really required in the event that the students demonstrate that he/she will have adequate assets to keep up themselves amid their stay in the remote Schengen Nation.
Two current international ID estimated photographs (Appropriate for the assigned government office/department)
Travel schedule
Medical/travel protection legitimate for your whole remain in the Schengen Nation
Letter of acknowledgment from your college
A bank receipt to demonstrate you have paid the handling charge
Visa Process
How to apply for a student visa for MBBS in Germany?
If a student wants to apply for a visa to study MBBS in Germany, one should apply at least 3 months before moving to the destination. You will have to contact the German embassy in India.
What documents required, when applying visa for MBBS in Germany?
Filled application form
Passport not expired
Two passport size photographs
Invitation letter sent by the university in German
Academic record
Copy of a bank receipt to show that you have enough funds
Declaration of originality of submitted documents
It depends on the Embassy if they ask to show that a student doesn't hold any criminal records. To prove that you have sufficient funds to study MBBS from Germany is to deposit a security amount into blocked a account, you can't withdraw this money after you arrive Germany. Do not apply for Schengen Visa if you are planning to study in Germany for more than 3 months. You should apply for National Visa which is for study purposes.
Note; Must show bank deposit equalent to Euro 9000 to 10000/- to meet one yer expenenses and
Bridge course fee etc.
Also, a student has to apply for RP (*Resident permit) after the arrival in Germany.
Residence Permit process
In order to study MBBS Germany, once you arrive in Germany, you have to register with the office of Alien Registration within 2 weeks of arrival. It is necessary for a student to apply for residence permit for study reasons. Documents to be submitted are similar to what all documents are required for a visa

  • Proof of health insurance
  • Invitation letter of the university
  • Sufficient funds proof
  • Valid passport
  • Student visa
  • Agreement of tenancy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Fee to attain residence permit

About Germany


Deutschland, popularly known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a parliamentary republic in significant-western Europe. It consists of sixteen constituent states, covers a place of 357,021 square kilometers (137,847 square mi), and has a in large part temperate seasonal climate. With approximately 82 million inhabitants,
Germany is the most populous member country of EU. After the United States, it is the succeeding most popular immigration destination in the world. Germany's capital and the largest metropolis city is Berlin, while its largest conurbation is the Ruhr, with its main centres of Dortmund and Essen. The other major cities of the nation are Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Bremen, Leipzig, Dresden and Nuremberg


German language is official and major spoken verbal communication in Germany. Preferred German language is intently associated with Low German, Afrikaans, Dutch, English and Frisian. To a lesser volume, it's also associated with the languages of North Germanic. Maximum vocabulary in German language is originated from the department  of Germanic language of Indo-EU language groups. Significant minorities of words are derived from Latin and Greek, with a smaller amount from French and most recently English (known as Denglisch). German is written using the Latin alphabet.

Climate in Germany

The climate of Germany is moderate and has normally not intervals of bloodless or warm climate. North-western and coastal Germany has a maritime influenced climate that is characterized with the aid of heat summers and slight cloudy winters. Maximum regions at the nation's North beach have midwinter temperatures about 1.5°C or maybe higher. Farther inland, the weather is continental, marked with the aid of more seasonal variations in temperature, with warmer summers and less warm winters. Temperature extremes among night time and day and summer time and winter are extensively less inside the north than inside the south. At some point of January, the coldest month, the average temperature is ready 1.5°C in the north and approximately -2°C within the south. In July, the warmest month, it's miles cooler within the north than within the south. The northern coastal place has July temperatures averaging between 16°C and 18°C; at some places within the south, the common is sort of 20°C or maybe barely better.

Required clothing:

Lightweights with rain wear for summer, waterproof Medium- to Heavyweights for winter. A sweater is necessary almost any time of year.


Religion in Germany – Christianity. About 65% to 70% of the population are followers of the Christian religion in Germany. They may be more or much less flippantly split between the conventional quantity of Calvinism united and Lutheran-Protestantism inside the EKD (Evangelical Church) and the Roman Catholic Church.

Is Germany safe for Indian Students?

Crime rate in Germany is comparatively low. In Europe, Germany is one of the safest country for indian students. It is ranked 14th in the list of safest countries. What else would convince you?

MCI Preparation after MBBS in Germany

The MBBS students studying in MBBS in Germany or somewhere else can benefit selective training offered by our advisors to set you up for MCI or FMGE screening test. Just those Indian specialists are permitted to practice medicine in India that effectively clears the FMGE/MCI exam from recognized colleges abroad after MBBS in Germany. We give MCI test instructing to all students for all subjects as devised by MCI. Since it can be hard to increase viewpoint of Indian examination and be set up for 19 subjects upon return, numerous students incline towards taking their MCI coaching while they're pursuing their MBBS in Abroad. By taking the right choice at the perfect time can enable you to keep the energy alive and proceed onward to the following level without losing time in the middle of transition stages.
Some imperative highlights of this exam include:

  • This non-competitive exam covers MBBS exam syllabus only
  • The examination paper comprises of 3 areas
  • The design is MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) style
  • Students must acquire 50% marks to clear the examination
  • The examination is directed in June and December every year
  • Students can take the exam unlimited times
You can converse with our training specialists at StudyEurope.in to find out about the accessible bundles for our Indian students. We give online examination material, video lectures and lots more, helping the students get ready for the MCI screening test.

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