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Study MD|MS in Nepal: - Admission Process |fee Structure |Eligibility Criteria)

MD MS Admission in Nepal-

MD MS Admission in Nepal. Today the scenario is that NEET has got to be cleared in India to induce MD MS admission or PG medical admission in India. Suppose if a medical aspirant disqualifies in NEET. Then he/she can prefer Nepal. As for Nepal, I can say that it’s very kind of like the Indian medical syllabus. There many MCI recognized colleges in NEPAL. For MD MS admission in Nepal.

The Medical College in Nepal offers Postgraduate Medical Courses (M.D./M.S.) in the majority of the clinical and non-clinical subjects. The course outline for the Postgraduate programs in various subjects has strictly supported the curriculum of Tribhuvan University. Postgraduate degrees of Nepali Universities have wide recognition and acceptance which are highly valued for employment in the medical field & institutions across the world. For MD Ms admission in Nepal.

After completion of Graduation degree of MBBS, if the candidate is interested for further studies, he/she may apply for post-graduation specializing in medical fields like medicine, surgery, super specialization in different subjects that are recognized by India.

After the announcement of the Medical PG Exam Results, Students always are available the confusion regarding their admission in and MD MS PG courses. We promise the students to prevent worrying and trust us, we’ll always assist you and can provide you with the constant support and guidance to pick out your branch for MD MS Admissions.

Introduction of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country which is n between India & China, having beautiful atmosphere & cultured country. If we talk about mountains, there are more than 10 peak mountains here in Nepal such as Mount Everest & Kanchenjunga (K2) This is one of the modes of attraction for tourists not only this Nepal is also known as Religious Country. as it is closest to India it is prominent destination for MD MS Admission.


Scope of Medical students in MD MS Admission from Nepal

If war talk about the study point of view Nepal is famous for medical examination & colleges, here more than reputed medical universities for MD MS Admission in Nepal and are there with Excellent Indian & Nepalese Faculties, also there is No language bar for foreign students in Nepal. Only English & Hindi is the Prime Language in Nepal. As Nepal Country is nearby to China & India so students can visit both countries quite easily. So, the Scope for Medical students is quite brilliant in Nepal colleges.

The best medical universities in the Nepal are Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu University (KU), B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), etc. These universities have many colleges under them that offer quality MD MS programs. Based on the merit, these institutions select students for MD MS admission.


PG medical MD/MS admission in B.P. Koirala institute of health sciences.


It is located in Dharan, Nepal. It is recognized by BPKIHS is known for its beautiful infrastructure, Huge Libraries, Special Classroom for Practical & Theoretical purpose etc.

This college has extended their teaching module up to Primary Health care centers, District Hospital & Zonal Hospital all over the Nepal.


PG medical MD/MS admission in Institute of Medicine (IOM), Kathmandu

It is located in the capital of Nepal which is Kathmandu, established in 1972, and recognized by India & Nepal Medical Council.

It is known for its Huge Libraries, Special Classroom for Practical & Theoretical purpose, Extracurricular activities for medical student’s, seminars and many more.


MCI Approved Seats: MD MS in Nepal -B. P Koirala & IOM, Fee Structure

Description: iom_kathmandu_md ms Fee-risesiksha

B.P Koirala institute Of Health Sciences MD MS Fee for Indian Students-2020

Courses Offered for MD MS in Nepal

MD (Doctor of Medicine) branches in Nepal

  • MD Obstetrics & Gynecology (Obstetrics Treat & Diagnosed for pregnant women & Gynecology deals with women’s health issues such as uterus, ovaries etc..)
  •  MD Neurology ( treatment of human nervous system )
  •  MD Ophthalmology ( Treatment & Diagnosed related to Eye Disorders )
  • MD Anesthesiology ( study related to different types of anesthesia )
  • MD Orthopedic ( treatment of bones, joints etc )
  • MD Cardiology ( treatment related to heart disease )
  • MD Endocrinology ( Treatment of hormones imbalances )
  • MD General medicine ( study related to medicine )
  • MD Pediatric ( treatment related to children’s health care )
  • MD Psychiatry ( mental disorder & mentally ill )
  • MD Dermatology ( Treatment & diagnosed related to skin, hair & nails etc )
  • MD Radio-Diagnosis ( Xray, CT scan etc. )
  • MD Pathology ( Treatment of human disease )

MS (Master Of surgery) Branches in Nepal 

  • MS Pediatric surgery (Surgery related to Children’s disease)
  • MS Plastic surgery (reconstruction of body part such as birth mark, burn etc )
  • MS Cardio-thoracic & vascular surgery (study related to surgical methods of lungs, organs etc. )
  • MS Cardiac surgery (surgery related to heart )
  • MS Cosmetic surgery (surgery related to reshape body part such as nose etc )
  • MS ENT (study or surgery in ear nose & th